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Oneida Chi, M.S, CCC-SLP (They/them) is a first generation, Chinese American genderqueer Speech Language Pathologist in San Francisco. They worked in home health and public schools throughout the Bay Area for the past 15 years.  They started their private practice, Bay Area OUTspoken Speech Services to work with toddlers and assist friends and community members in seeking gender affirming voice care. Currently, they work at San Francisco State University supervising the Voice Clinic, the Gender Health Clinic in Santa Clara, and the Regional Center with bilingual early intervention. Additionally, they serve on the California Speech and Hearing Association (CSHA) Committee of Diversity and Inclusion. They love to dance, explore, tinker with gadgets, and enjoy deep meaningful and playful connections.

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Jennifer Willow Cleary (zie/hir & she/her) is a genderqueer Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Coach and Sound Healer based in the Bay Area.  Zie has taught individual and group voice lessons with a focus on creative self-expression and the healing capacities of the voice since 2006.  Zie received a certificate in Sound, Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies and started hir voice studio, ExploreVoice Studios, in San Francisco in 2013, dedicated to providing space for authentic self-exploration through the voice, particularly for trans and GNC people.  Zie has performed professionally as a singer and actor for over 20 years, and brings hir background in improvisation, somatic healing and physiology to hir work with the voice.

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Kevin Dorman (they/them), MS, CCC-SLP, is a non-binary SLP who specializes in telepractice-delivered gender-affirming voice care. They own Prismatic Speech Services, which serves thirteen US states. They are also in their fourth year as a board member of QORDS, a music-and-activism summer camp for LGBTQ+ youth. Kevin brings their background as a singer, voice actor, and stage actor to every session and loves blending all of their passions to serve their clients' individual needs.



AC Goldberg (he/him) PhD, CCC-SLP is a physically disabled, intersex/transgender Speech-Language Pathologist licensed in the US and Canada, currently residing in the Boston area. For the past 17 years, AC has worked with children, adolescents and adults with complex neurological profiles. In addition, he has experience with gender voice modification, for individuals of all genders and gender presentations. AC is ASHA certified, SAC affiliated, registered with CASLPO, and a member of the WPATH. AC's public speaking career began in 2012. He is dedicated to ending the mistreatment and discrimination that transgender/gender nonconforming people face in educational, medical and clinical settings. He offers cultural responsiveness, safe space and active allyship trainings for all healthcare professionals, youth workers and educators through his intersectional continuing education platform, Transplaining. AC has trained in over 300 institutions to date, including hospitals, schools, universities, clinics, camps and corporations.



Ruchi Kapila (she/they) is a Punjabi-American, non-binary speech-language pathologist, vocologist, and voice teacher providing private singing and speech voice services with a gender inclusive lens at Kapila Voice and Speech Services in CA and TX. They are also co-creator and co-host of The Hyndsyte Project podcast where they interview Black and BIPOC Trans and Gender Nonconforming activists and artists. In addition, she serves as Director of Social Media, Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee member, and board member for Festival Opera in Walnut Creek, CA.



Ry Pilchman (they/them/theirs) grew up singing and performing in choral groups and theater companies. They also had classical voice training while in high school. When it came time to attend college, they made the decision to pursue being a speech-language pathologist so that they could help performers who had voice disorders. They fulfilled that dream and graduated from their alma mater, Stockton University, in southern New Jersey, with their Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders in May 2019. They have previously received their Bachelors of Science and a minor in women, gender, and sexuality studies from Stockton in 2017. Entering into graduate school, they made an important discovery about their own gender identity being gender nonbinary and transgender. They first began treating voice disorders and providing gender affirmative voice in graduate school in their school’s onsite clinic. They have interned and worked in schools, outpatient rehabs, and in the home settings providing early intervention services. Now, they live in New York City and work with Prismatic Speech Services to provide gender affirmative voice therapy across New York and New Jersey state via teletherapy.



Crysta Song (they/she) M.S. CCC-SLP is a clinician practicing on colonized Tongva land (known today as Los Angeles) with a focus on person-centered communication and swallowing care across the lifespan. They are currently an SLP in a school district in the LA area and at a medically based private practice. Under the nonprofit SLPs of Color, they founded a local pilot branch in Los Angeles, with ongoing efforts for engaging in food and language justice and building community and mentorship amongst SLP clinicians of color. They are also a community organizer, leading and collaborating on mutual aid efforts in their neighborhood to support those most impacted by COVID-19.



Wynde Vastine (they/them), CCC-SLP:  From Shakespeare to musical theatre to pieces written and composed themselves, Wynde has performing professionally since they were a child, and exploring their personal relationship to voice, gender and self for decades. They are a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist at San Francisco Voice and Swallowing, where they direct Passaggio, the gender affirming voice training program.  They also love working with the voice as a bridge to the soul through their work with people of all genders as a vocal coach and singing teacher through their private practice, Transformative Voice.  Their nearly 15 years of experience providing gender affirming voice training began as a voice teacher and community member, and more recently joined the field of Speech-Language Pathology. 


Mx. Vastine has taught and performed nationally and internationally, present regularly at conferences and universities, and are currently an instructor with MedBridge Education. They hold an MA in Speech-Language Pathology from University of Pittsburgh, a vocology certification from the National Center for Voice Science, and a BFA in theatre from New York University: Tisch School of the Arts. Aside from their work in voice and performance, Wynde has been a community organizer for over 20 years in the areas of gender liberation, labor rights, reproductive justice, and more. 



Tiffany Wu (she/they) is a M.S. student in the Communication Sciences & Disorders Bilingual Extension Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in Medieval/Renaissance Studies and Spanish and is now applying her love for language and literature to her pursuits in voice and communication for the gender-diverse, aphasia, cognitive disorders, and culturally-responsive care. In her free time, she enjoys biking, gaming, watching films, and playing music.

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