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Training, Community, and Advocacy
by and for Gender Diverse Speech-Language Pathologists

Announcing Our First 2024


“TVI Fridays” is an ongoing series of educational opportunities provided by the Trans Voice Initiative (TVI). These events are exclusively for transgender- identifying voice professionals* who wish to develop their skills in gender- affirming voice work. 

TVI will be hosting a social meetup for TGNC voice professionals so we can all get to know each other, make connections, discuss gender-affirming voice care, and provide each other support. 

To keep the space as safe as reality will allow, registration of all attendants will be required; please fill out the form available via the QR code or clicking below:

*SLPs, Singing Teachers, Voice Coaches, and Students thereof.


The field of Speech-Language Pathology urgently needs highly skilled and intersectional leadership of transgender and/or non-binary individuals, particularly in the area of Gender Affirming Voice. Given their shared lived experiences, trans clinicians are more fully equipped to provide nuanced and culturally humble care to other members of the transgender community. However, oppression and inequitable access to resources, education and training opportunities, particularly in the voice specialty means that very few trans and or non-binary people are gaining access to this highly specialized training.  


Trans Voice Initiative seeks to shift this dynamic through the provision of high quality voice training, particularly as it relates to gender-affirming voice training.   While this training is initially only for trans and/or nonbinary individuals, the greater field will benefit immensely from the highly skilled leadership emerging from this project. Our goal is to continue to open the gates for intersectional trans leadership in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, and ultimately drastically improve the quality of care to the transgender community. 


Mission: To center, strengthen, and amplify transgender and gender-diverse leadership in the field of gender affirmative voice training and Speech-Language Pathology


TVI is a volunteer organization of transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming speech-language pathologists who want to create a safe space for TGNC speech-language pathologists to grow their skills and knowledge in gender-affirmative voice and communication.

Support Group


With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new ways to lift each other up and open doors to build a better future our our field. Advocacy is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working across a variety of platforms, communities and approaches to advocate for increased opportunities for trans and gender diverse practitioners. Contact us to learn more about how to get involved in this cause.


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Make a Donation

Want to help our efforts but not sure where to start? Are you a cisgender SLP who believes in the importance of Gender Affirming Voice Therapy? Make a donation and help us offer our essential trainings to trans and gender diverse SLPs.

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Partner With Us

If you are an organization who would like work with us, or connect us to greater resources, we welcome your collaboration.  Please reach out and we will be in touch!

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Join Our Trainings

If you are a Speech-Language Pathologist who is transgender or part of the gender diverse community, we would love to know you!  Click below to find out more about our upcoming events and trainings.

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